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Shopping with mom

I hate shopping for clothes with mom.

I ask mom to shop with me because I often need my clothes to be altered and she’s a seamstress. Usually clothes that I buy to fit around my hips are too big in the chest and waist area. I ask mom to come with me because I need to know which styles and fabrics can be altered and which can’t.

There are 2 things she always says, without fail, that just drives me bonkers. 1. That outfit is very slimming. 2. This outfit isn’t flattering on you. Gah!

First of all mom, I shop at plus-size stores for a reason. I am a big girl. No amount of clothing is going to make me look like a supermodel. Nothing will ever slim me down enough for your liking.

Also, it’s always nice to be indirectly told that you look like crap so you need clothes that make you look even the teeniest bit smaller.

And what does “flattering” even mean? Clothes that show too much leg on a fat woman aren’t flattering? We must make sure that our arms are covered? Clothes must give all women a well-defined waist? Even for thin women, clothes that make them look flat-chested are a no no? Thin women should wear those panties with the butt padding?

And let’s not get started on buying swimwear.

I’m not saying that it doesn’t matter what people wear. I’d rather not return to a time where all fat women had to wear were muumuus. But certainly a woman being comfortable in the clothes she chooses is more important than dressing to look slimmer.

So yes, mom, I’ll take the baggier pants even though you think they make me look big.

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