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Kiss My Ass 2009

Wow, what a year.  What a shitty year.  Not just for me but for lots of people I know.  We’ve had to deal with illness, death, heartbreak, poverty and mass stupidity.  And the common refrain has been “I can’t wait for this year to be over.”

Here is a sample of some of the things that happened to me and mine this year:

– one friend was treated for breast cancer earlier this year.  The doctors screwed up and she had to get additional surgery after her first operation.
– another friend is currently being treated for leukemia.
– a guy I knew and liked at work passed away this summer (suicide at 27 years of age).

– my 97-year-old grandfather burned his hands and face in a cooking accident because my cousin is careless.  He’s very lucky it wasn’t worse.

– the person I was dating for a year and a half suddenly moved back to her native country.  On the other side of the world.  Relationship over.

– the possibility of job loss if my company gets sold.

– people close to me in dire financial straits, so much that they send their children to school with no lunch because they don’t have money for groceries.

And the icing on the cake?  On December 30 our idiot douchebag Prime Minister took the opportunity to shut down parliament for 3 months at a time when Canadians are too busy to notice and protest.  Opportunism at it’s best at the expense of the Canadian people.

And on and on it goes.  Boy it was depressing to write all of that out.

Now this year wasn’t all bad.  I am now living all by myself for the first time, and it’s going great.  Also, I had a surgery in July that I wanted for several years and finally worked up the courage to have.  I am feeling much much better now.  But those 2 excellent things aren’t good enough to override the overwhelming sense of failure that I have for this year.

So here’s to 2010.  You had better be more satisfying than 2009 or somebody is in trouble.

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