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Lincoln University to students: You’re too fat to graduate

Boy, I would have been so pissed if they had this policy when I was in university.

It seems that the good people at Lincoln University in Pennsylvania have decided that fat people are too stupid for their own good unhealthy, so they want to help.  All freshmen must be weighed, and those with a BMI over 30 must take a 1 credit course called “Fitness For Life” before they graduate.  The only way to be exempt from this class is to lose weight.

This policy is ridiculous for several reasons:

1.  The BMI is an inadequate measure of health.

2.  The university is assuming that the fat students don’t eat well and don’t exercise, and that they are unhealthy.

3.  They are assuming that the thin students are healthy, and that they eat well and exercise.

4.  They are assuming that exercise and “proper eating” will cause weight loss for most students.

5.  If this class is about health and fitness for life it should be required for all students.

6.  Lost of university students have eating disorders.  If they are really concerned about health they should address these students health issues as well.

7.  Being “underweight” can cause health problems in some people.

8.  Shaming people about their weight only makes things worse.

And the biggest reason of all:

9.  The students are paying to be educated, not to be lectured about their “health.”

Here’s a revolutionary idea, how about not making people feel bad about their bodies?  How about not encouraging unhealthy weight-loss practices?  How about not encouraging eating disorders?  How about realizing that the students are grown adults who can decide what to do with their own bodies?  I think that everybody would be a lot healthier if they weren’t made to feel like second-class citizens because of their body type.

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